Water production and consumption

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In general ítems, EAAB´s financial status has been quite positive and solid as can be seen in the
Improvement of its financial indicators, in a sustained development of its operations, compliance with its financial obligations and surplus which as enabled new investments EAAB is the biggest Company in the field of residential public services in Colombia in terms of assets and number of customers, couting with proper infraestructura to provide these services during the next 15 years under the assumption that the population growth rate remains unchanged.

The comisión de regulación de agua potable (CRA, Drinking wáter regulation Commission) issued tafiff calculations methodology (CRA Resolution No.287) which the EAAB applies since January 1 , 2006. Under the current condictons, the tariffs are indexed with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) when this excedes an accumulated value of 3%.

Tariffs charged currently allow for the recovery of costs incurred for the provision of the services, as well as for the generation of a EBITDA which in  average accounts for 46 % of the operational income the ratio of liabilities to assets is balanced at 41 % 2010. Its debt service to revenue ratio has also strengthened from 33%(1995) to 11%(2010), including securitized income. The Company has projected its financial figures until 2020. It plans to increase EBITDA by 80% between 2010 and 2020 and EBITDA  / interest payments from 6.41 (2009) to 16.46 (2018).

The Company has sufficient cash flow for debt service and capital investments with December 2010 EBITDA (last 12 months) at $ 543.361 millon COP 404.761 m (USD 226 m); and the free cash flow (FCF) was COP-17,793 m (USD 10m).
The rating issued by FITCH  in respect to risks related to EAAB´s payment capability in Sept 2011 was AAA, base don a comprehensive evaluation of the financial, administrative, operatinal and market positioning status. According to that, EAAB is in good condition to repay capitak and interests.

Click here to see how fitch Ratings support the Acueducto de Bogotá as Company with a strong bussiness position ( Special Report: Colombian, Venezuelan and Dominican Corporates – Domestic Markets offer investment Opportunities).

Chingaza Tunnel maintenance to ensure the service

To guarantee the adequate supply of wáter to the city of  Bogotá and the municipalties incluided within city minits, equipping the chingaza system with technical mechanisms for programming inspections and maintenance of the tunnels that are part of said systems and ensuring the wáter supply during emergencies that could arise in the conveyance system to the Wiesner Plant.

In additions, the Project allows to more  efficiently use the wáter from the basins of the Blanco de Teusaca rivers and the wáter from filter washing at the Wiesner plant.

Finally, the Project protects the lower urban áreas of the populations of La Calera from posible damage due to overflow of the Teusaca River.

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